Donald's Website Creations

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Welcome to Donald's Website Creations 
The one and only small buisness 
website designer you will 
ever need

This is the first site I ever did.

Fully funtioning online store.

Found on google with in a week of being published.

Looks profesional at a low budget price.

Check out your one stop shop for all of your electronic cigarettes needs.

Our Services

Hi my name is Donald and I am the owner and operator of Donald's Website Creations.

When I deal with a client I want you to feel comfortable about your decision to start your very own website.

I dont deal in high pressure sales. I get strait to the point but I wont pressure you into something your not sure about.

I do basic retail or brochure type websites.

The price of a website varies depending on whats involved so send me an email with what you want in your website 

and I will have a quote for you with in 24hrs.

I use a part web builder part css style to make my websites.

That means you get the professional Looking websites in half the time of html script.

It looks professional it functions like a professional website but its the cost of low quality.

I take my Business seriously so im gonna do what ever it takes to get to the top so take advantage of the cheap prices wile they last

so you dont miss out on a great deal.

All websites created *REQUIRE* half payment at the start and second half when completed.

If second half isn't payed with in 7 days of completion website it will be canceled and taking down with no refund.

BONUS: If you allow me to advertise my business on your website you will receive 10% off.

Receive your quote by email with the following details.

~How many pages

~Total budget

~What you want on the website 

~If your using the website for sales(If for selling purpose how many products)

~If you have a current paypal account (to accept online orders)

All websites get customized emails, ad free mobile site, $100 credit for google ad and $50 for facebook ad free for the first 2 years after that as little as $10/month. (Save up to $400)

I DONT charge for maintenance and upgrades like every one else so you will have that extra money after the 2 years to continue to get all our extra services.(does not apply to e-commerce websites)

To get a FREE quote click here.